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ems geo 403


  • Professional, pure hardware video wall controller with flexible input connections, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, YPbPr signals and video switcher functionality.
    HDMI output loop enables multiple units to be cascaded, removing the need for splitter units. 
    PIP (picture in picture) and POP (side by side) multi-content functionality.
    No PC is required, setup via dip switches or use of the included Remote Controller for OSD access, which has a low entry barrier and is flexible and reliable.
    Below features are integrated in different models:

    • True 10-bits 4:4:4 full sampling high end video processor with 3D motion adaptive de-interlace.
    • Multiple inputs for connection with PC, Blue Ray, Media player, Game console...
    • One processor controls up to 4 LCD and can be cascaded up to 15x15 matrix displays.
    • Support up to 4k/2k @30Hz or 2560x1600/3840x1080 @60Hz input signals.
    • Pixel by pixel bezel compensation.Ÿ   Arbitrary cropping any image area and display.
    • Up to +_900 pixels 4 edge overlap setting for irregular video wall and projector edge blending.
    • Flexible aspect ratio adjustment. Display 2.35:1 movie on 16:9 display without blanking borders.
    • Image 180° flip to support traditional TV installed at upside down position.
    • Support LCD  with different size, resolution, position, rotation angle and bezel size for irregular video wall.
    • Integrated with 4k/2k loop out port for daisy chain connection. No HDMI splitter is required.
    • Geo-403 provides up to 256 preset display modes selected by Dip SW setting with selectable bezel compensation and  PIP/PBP function to allow different contents displayed in the video wall.
    • Any low cost traditional LCD display or TV can be used for video wall application.

    G-402/G-403 Irregular Creative Video Wall Controller
    Geo 403 004Geo 403 005

    Cascade preset displays modes like LEGO

    Geo 403 008Geo 403 015

    Geo-403 PIP / PBP function
    Conventional TV's can be used with top/down flip position to balance bezel size

    Geo 403 010
    Geo-403 is designed with PIP and PBP function across complete display: 

    * Mode: PIP and PBP
    * Max PIP size: 1024*768
    * Selectable PIP size and location

    * 4 LCDs share one PIP
    * PBP mode allows two discrete contents displayed on 4 LCD
    * All PIP/PBP setting via Dip SW
    * Optional IR remote controller for pixel by pixel flexible PIP size and position adjustment.

    Easiest, cost effective, with PIP/PBP & preset display modes selected by Dip SW. Supports only LCD with the same size. 4x LCD will share one FHD signal. Variable bezel compensations are preset in different display modes.
    with 4 LCDs as one display unit. Integrated with OSD and remote control for advanced settings.  Execute image rotation, flip and cascade multiple units into one big display with 4K/2K input signal. Geo-403 is advanced version of G-402Ex with 256 preset display modes and 4k/2k loop out port for daisy chain connection in multiple unit cascade application.

    Function and Applications
    • Designed with up to 256 Preset display modes, 4x LCD as one display unit.
    • Input: 1x DP, 1x HDMI, 1x DVI-I. Output: 4x HDMI
    • HDMI & DP support 4k/2k @30Hz and 3840x1080 @60Hz input.
    • PIP/PBP function with selectable size and position.
    • Display Modes selected by Dip SW. No PC or software is required.
    • Flexible connection with Media player, Blue Ray, PS4 and PC.
    • Optional IR control for Cascade like LEGO for 4x2, 4x3, 4x4, 4x5...
    • Support only LCD with the same size. Preset bezel corrections.

    • Irregular creative video wall via 16:9 LCD with same size and resolution.
    • Video wall with multiple input sources and requires PIP/PBP function.
    • Low entry level, easy-of-use. No PC is required.

    Provide video wall solutions for sports bars, store fronts, live venues, exhibitions, in reception areas, public areas and in retail environments.
  • GEO-403 is taking irregular creative video wall to a new level. Combining with pre-defined playback modes, Lego cascade and friendly OSD operation, it can create all kinds of playback modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCDs at any angle and position in short time without PC or software. Users will benefit with great effectiveness, flexibility and ease-of-use.
    GEO-403 is pure hardware standalone system. It can provide a simple and reliable solution for professional creative video wall.


    1. 3 input ports to support HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA and YPbPr signals.
    2. Equipped with 4x HDMI outputs in one unit.
    3. Multiple units cascade to build large-scale high resolution video wall.
    4. User can create all kinds of playback modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCD at any angle and position through input the coordinates of two corners (Top left and Top Right). It means user can catch the coordinates from project drawings or take a picture of the LCD array and put this photo into a 1920x1080 coordinates system and collect 8 points of the coordinates for 4x LCD, then manually input these numbers into GEO-403 through OSD or PC tool and get what he needs.
    5. Flexible aspect ratio control across entire video wall (4 LCD at the same time) through OSD menu and can be saved on [Profile] for easy access while necessary. This function can allow user to use any signal content from none PC based devices and still keep required aspect ratio without distortion. The aspect ratio adjustment range is from 50% to 200% based on original signal source content.
    6. Besides flexible aspect ratio control, it is also integrated the function for entire image (4 LCD) position shift without changing aspect ratio. It will be helpful to setup a dynamic display through looping playback function and also convenient for image alignment in multiple units cascade application.
    7. 30 pre-defined playback modes selected by Dip SW.
    8. Connect directly with various video sources up to 4k/2k.
    9. GEO-403 can only display max. 1080p signal across 2x2 LCDs but can display 4k/2k input signal for 4x4 or larger video wall through multiple units cascade.
    10. 4k/2k HDMI loop out port for daisy chain connection.
    11. Auto image shift to prevent LCD from burn-in mark.
    12. PIP (picture in picture) and POP (side by side) multi-content function.
    13. Power on/off control via auto signal detection.
    14. No video splitter, PC or software is required. More reliable.
    15. Up to 5 self-made display modes can be saved and looping playback in video wall. This function can be used to shift the image position in preset time interval to prevent burn-in mark in the LCD.

       Model: GeoBox, Geo-403
      Colour: Black
       Dimensions: 330 x 160 x 35mm
       Weight: 1.6Kg

    Geo 403
    geo 403 quadVideo wall with top/down flip for bezel balance
    Geo 403 0124x4 Video Wall, 4x Geo-4-03 cascaded
    Geo 403 013

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    Geo-403 Datasheet

    user manual


    Geo-403 User Manual


    It will provide easier solution for you to upload
    the parameter for the coordinates of the LCD and you can
    set the aspect ratio and shift the image location



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