PCIexpress9 Kit


  • Switch Fabric with 192GB/s peak system bandwidth
    9 x PCI - Express Slots
    1 x SBC PICMG Slot ( for stand-alone operation)
    Daisy chain multiple backplanes to provide up to 25 PCIe slots


    Additional Features:

    • Nine slot PCIe backplane. 8 x 4 lane slots plus 1 x 8 lane slot

    • All slots implemented as x 16 physical connectors so any width PCIe card can be accommodated

    • 1 x PICMG 1.3 SBC slot

    • ATX compatible

    • mounting holes

    • Use as a PCIe expansion

    • backplane for a standard PC using the S-Link and H-Link cards

    • Compatible with a standard 4U IPC chassis


    S-Link and H-Link Cards

    The S-Link can be used to configure the Express 9 as an expansion backplane from a standard PC or from other Express 9 backplanes by connecting to a H-Link card.

    Connecting the Express9 Backplane to a Host Machine

    Note: The host PC requires a PCIe x8 or x16 lane (physical) slot for installing the H-Link card

     PCIExpress9 backplane   9 slot PCI express backplane providing 8 x 4 lane slots and 1 x 8 lane slot. 
    S-Link S-Link card The S-Link card is a PICMG 1.3 PCIe expansion receiver card installed into the SBC slot located on the Express9 backplane. It is connected to the H-Link card using the Ex-Cable.
    H-Link H-Link card The H-Link card is a host link adapter which is installed on the host machines motherboard or an Express9.  It is connected to the S-Link card using the Ex-Cable.
    Ex-cable 1 The Ex-cable is a 0.75M expansion cable used to connect the Express9 back plane to the host machine via the Ex-link and H-link cards.

  • PCIExpress9 Specifications:



    Max Power (without SBC1)


    Power Requirements

    Max current at +3.3V  - 6A
    Max current at +12V – 0.5A
    Max current at +5V – 0.1A


    Form Factor

    PICMG1.3 Host SBC interface
    1 x PCIe (x8) expansion slot
    8 x PCIe (x4) expansion slots



    4 x 24 pin power connectors

    SATA Ports

    2 x  ports via PICMG1.3 interface

    USB Ports

    2 x  ports via PICMG1.3 interface



    Max Power


    Power Requirements

    Max current at +3.3V – 0.1A
    Max current at +12V – 0.3A
    Max current at +5V – 0.1A


    Form Factor



    PCIe x 8 expansion interface



    Max Power


    Power Requirements

    Max current at +3.3V – 0.1A
    Max current at +12V – 0.3A


    Form Factor

    PCIe x 8



    Operating Temperature

    0 to 35 deg C

    Storage Temperature

    -20 to 70 degC

    Relative Humidity

    5% to 90% non-condensing


    3 years

  • Here you can download our Datasheets, Manuals and Applications 



    PCIexpress9 Datasheet

    PCIexpress9 User Manual


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