FAQs - Magewell USB Boxes

Written by Super User on 28 March 2017


1. Can I use SDK if I use Magewell PnP USB Capture devices?

Magewell PnP USB Capture devices includes USB Capture HDMI (Gen 1 and Gen 2); USB Capture AIO (replacement for XI100XUSB-PRO), USB Capture Plus family (for HDMI, SDI, DVI, HDMI 4K and SDI 4K). All these PnP versions cannot use Pro capture SDK (Version 3.0 and above), as this SDK is fully developed by Magewell itself. Users can use very limited features available in SDK for Windows (Version 2.X), but they can only use features of capturing and recording. We consider to provide SDK for Plus dongles in the future without a precise timeline.

2. If the user uses Skype or Facetime, and need recommendation of USB Capture devices, what model is recommended?

We recommend them to use USB Capture HDMI Plus. We offer a software tool called USB Capture Utility so users can set the feature of “Flip” which is very useful when people use Skype or Facetime.

3. Can I connect multiple USB capture devices on one PC?

Yes, you can. But you shall make sure the multiple USB devices are connected to independent USB 3.0 controller (not USB interface) to make sure the bandwidth is not shared with each other. 

4. Will you provide PnP version for VC200XUSB? (Magewell XI200USB)

Currently we don’t have such a plan as technically it is very difficult to do.

5. Are Magewell USB capture devices compatible with USB 2.0 interface? And can I use USB 2.0 cable with the capture devices?

They are compatible with USB 2.0, but the performance will get affected due to the bandwidth of USB 2.0. We recommend the user to use an extension card to extend a USB 3.0, which will be better. But you are not recommended to use USB 2.0 to use together with Magewell USB capture devices. Because we use a customized USB 3.0 cable for USB Capture family and USB Capture Plus family. For other USB capture devices, they adopt regular USB 3.0 cables.

6. How can I set the de-interlace of PnP USB capture devices?

You can use the USB Capture Utility software to make such settings. Currently there are two versions: one for USB Capture Gen 1 and XI100XUSB-PRO, and the other version is for USB Capture Plus family, USB Capture Gen 2 and USB Capture AIO. The latter version provides more settings. We are working on a firmware update for Gen 1 users so they will be able to use the Utility for Gen 2 as well. There is not timeline for that, but we have been working on that already.

7. If I want to make settings for input and output signals when I use Magewell PnP USB Capture devices, how can I achieve that?

It is not available on USB Capture Utility for Gen 1 products, but in the latest USB Capture Utility for Gen 2, you’ll see the UI for various settings, just like our driver panel.

8. Do I need to upgrade the firmware? And what shall I do?

The USB Capture dongle is Like PCIe cards, if your device is working well, usually you don’t need to upgrade the firmware, unless Magewell tells you to do that. The USB Capture Utility will help detect whether a new firmware is available and it will help you upgrade it if you choose to do that. –this feature is not released yet.

9. If the device starts becoming very hot. Will it be a problem?

Usually it is not a problem, unless in few cases the dongle is defective. We test and compared the power consumptions of other similar products, and it is safe to say the USB Capture family consumes the least power, although the device feel hotter than others. The reason for that is because we use metal housing to get the heat inside out quickly. It helps to provide a more reliable product while others keep the heat inside, which may affect the reliability. The true 4K capture dongle consumes more power than USB Capture family as they deal with 4K signals and having more features for USB Capture family. But it should be OK based on the chips supplier’s specification and chip tests.