New from EMS: The XtremeRGB-Hdv2 Video Capture Card


Electronic Modular Solutions has been providing the market with a great line of products to aid in the capture, display, and management of images and graphics. Designed and developed in the U.K., their products boast of being in the front-line in terms of technology and innovation. Now, they have added a new x4 lane PCI Express card under their range, the XtremeRGB-Hdv2.


The Need for XtremeRGB-Hdv2

Video capture cards are used to capture and stream video applications from various compatible sources to your computer network or internet in real time. The more versatile and feature-laden your capture card is, the more amazing the results you can expect. The XtremeRGB-Hdv2 PCI Express capture card will not disappoint any professional who uses this device in their industry. For example, you can stream videos from your camera straight to a network of computers in your work for presentation. More than that, you can even stream the video over the internet, which is very useful for professionals who work in the field. The XtremeRGB-Hdv2operates at faster speed than external capture devices that rely on the USB bandwidth. This means that images will flow smoothly with great picture quality. 


Key Features of XtremeRGB-Hdv2

With the following features, the XtremeRGB-Hdv2 far outshines its competitors. Versatility is what this video capture card offers, to enable variability in interface and source formats.


  • Captures Variable Source Signals

Get the freedom to capture different forms of signals. Whether it is digital, analog, SD, or HD, the XtremeRGB-Hdv2 will work for you.


  • High Speed, Low Power

With an 800MB/s bandwidth, expect smooth streaming of videos without any lag or still images.


  • Multi-channel Capture

The XtremeRGB-Hdv2 supports simultaneous capture of videos through two channels. One channel is for HDMI, DVI, RGB, and YPbPr, and the other is for composite videos (PAL, SECAM, and NTSC). It also allows capture of analog audio, which you can synchronize with your captured videos.


  • Channel 1: High Definition Source Signals

It can capture digital videos with resolutions of up to 4096 x 4096 for interlaced and progressive modes. The DVI-I connector supports RGB, DVI, HDMI, and YPbPr. Maximum pixel clocks for DVI and RGB are 165 and 170 MHz, respectively.


  • Channel 2: Standard Definition Source Signals

The RCA connector can accept composite videos and the XtremeRGB-Hdv2 will automatically detect between NTSC, PAL or SECAM, supporting formats of up to 720 x 576 x 16bit.


  • 256MB Buffer Memory

Enjoy tear free playback from the XtremeRGB-Hdv2 thanks to the built-in buffer memory.


  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Streaming Applications

EMS employs standard global technology, making their products compatible to work with popular applications and software. With the WDM drivers in this video capture card, you can use any DirectShow compatible software with it, like the VidBlaster, VirtualDub, Adobe Connect, and Windows Media Encoder.


  • Supports Time Stamps

Frame stitching will become easier with its time stamp feature. Editing and synchronizing videos across systems can be done promptly. With time stamps, you can also avoid going through the whole video just to see a specific portion.


  • 16 Streams per Channel

It allows maximum output of 16 streams for each channel. Just connect your PC with compatible video equipment systems.


  • Software Development Kit

EMS supplies its devices with an SDK to allow developer to use it with their own applications or in developing new ones.


  • Stand-Alone Software

This device is supplied with its own software, allowing ease of use. Simply connect the external source to the card and the XtremeRGB software will take care of detecting the format and displaying the output on your screen. If there are multiple inputs, all you need to do is execute the action multiple times and each video will display on different windows. Further, you have the freedom to manipulate the displayed images, like cropping, resizing, or adjusting the color, hue, and contrast.


These are just some of the great features that XtremeRGB-Hdv2 has to offer. The device also comes with several adapters to allow connection of VGA, Component, and HDMI to DVI.


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