EMS releases a new USB 3.0, HD/SD capture device VC104XUSB


EMS releases a new USB 3.0, HD/SD capture device VC104XUSB


Leicester, England, February, 2013—EMS Ltd today releases a new product VC104XUSB USB 3.0 video capture device, 1x Full HD 1080p60 and 4x A/V SD inputs - all simultaneously captured!


USB 3.0 is the latest external interconnect standard which provides higher bandwidth and better data transfer efficiency compared to USB 2.0 standard. Leveraged from this technology the VC104XUSB is an ideal solution for professionals, organizations from broadcasting, multimedia, surveillance, educational and medical market, as well as enthusiasts, who want to enjoy the 1080p60 Full HD experience and 4x A/V inputs seamlessly on both desktop and laptop computers equipped with USB 3.0 interface.


Unlike mainstream capture devices which only equipped with USB 2.0 interconnect and run with 480i/576i video resolution, the state-of-the-art VC104XUSB provides unparalleled user experience with uncompressed crystal-clear video quality and real-time Full HD 1080p60 support. VC104XUSB also equips with multiple interfaces including  HDMI, DVI-I, VGA (through DVI-I to VGA header), Component (YPbPr), and 4x Composite PAL/NTSC, which are widely adopted by broadcasting, multimedia, surveillance, and PC industry.


Together with innovative hardware design and promising specification, the VC104XUSB package also includes powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) which is compatible with Microsoft™ DirectShow. This ensures system integrators and ODM customers the most reliable and ease-of-use method to integrate the VC104XUSB with their existing development work and make it compatible with professional video editing software.


About EMS Ltd.

Electronic Modular Solutions, a global visual technology company, with products designed and developed in the U.K for visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional & diverse markets: for business, entertainment, and industry, including  control rooms, health care, defence & aerospace, digital cinema, media & entertainment and simulation & virtual reality.


In these markets EMS offers cost-effective, user-friendly imaging products that optimize productivity and business efficiency. Its innovative hard- and software solutions integrate all aspects of the imaging & graphics, e.g. from image capture/acquisition to image display and management. 

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