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    VigiControl 10

    Advanced Software. Simplified Interface.
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    Video Wall Management Software

    Available on EMS XtremeIPC range of video wall controllers, VigiControl 10 allows users to easily control output sources such as IP feeds,
    video captures and local applications. These sources can be controlled by VigiControl 10 when the most elaborate and complex wall scenarios are required.

    Available in both standard and Pro versions

    VigiControl 10 Standard

    VigiControl 10 software provides users with the interface needed to quickly and effectively manage video walls of any size in real-time.

    1. plates and produce zones on your video wall for easy placement of content.
    2. Deploy templates over a single screen, multiple screens or an entire video wall.
    3. Template a window to group multiple pieces of content together.
    4. Decode up to 8 IP streams.

    VigiControl 10 Pro

    VigiControl 10 Pro edition has been designed for companies with larger scale video wall operations. It is ideal for installations, which have multiple video walls, which require a greater number of IP decode streams, or would like distinct levels of access to the video wall.

    1. MultiWall – Multiple walls can be viewed on a single VigiControl 10 interface or screen. Users are able to add and remove content as necessary.
    2. User Rights Management – Users can be assigned access rights on a per wall basis. Individual roles can be granted differing permissions to affect the changes that can be made to a given wall.
    3. Unlimited IP SQX sources – Decode as many IP SQX streams as the installed hardware will allow.

    Key Features

    Template Tool

    Allows users to not only place their own templates across an entire wall which evenly distributes content, but WallControl 10 also allows users to apply a template to an individual window, so multiple windows can be grouped together and moved as a single item. 
    template tool

     wc10 interface

    User Rights Management

    User rights management can be deployed on each VSN system. Users can be assigned
    roles on a per wall basis based on their Windows log in, with each role allowing access
    to a subset of sources or layout files.

    For example, a user may have restricted access on video wall
    1, whilst a second user may restricted access on video wall
    2. An administrator then may have full access to all video walls.


    Multiple walls can be easily set up using the WallCreator wizard and if required each wall can be assigned a unique set of sources or video resources.

    VigiControl 10 allows multiple walls to be delivered by a single XtremeVSN system. Walls in seperate areas of a building can be independently driven from a single location. 
    WallControl10 MultiWall

  • Video Gaps 
    If a video overlay is displayed across multiple screens that have wide casings around the edges, strange effects maybe seen in the video images. Diagonal lines appear broken and circles appear elongated.

    videogap3.jpg Videogap2.jpg
    Original Video Image Spread across screens with wide edges

    With video gaps, the video is spread across the gaps between the screens so that the lines are straight and the circles remain circular. Parts of the video are lost in the gaps

    Input Labels

    The video overlay input label allows you to allocate specific labels; each input can be given more than one label. Depending on how many graphics cards you have installed will determine how many input labels you can create.

    Using The Split Windows Function With CCTV/Security System
    VigiControl now offers the facility to split RGB and DVI capture windows into separately cropped and scaled sub windows. The cropping and on screen display settings for sub windows can be individually modified and then saved as presets.  
    Inputs can be split into a maximum of 16 separate sub windows. This is useful for applications where specific areas of a captured input need to be individually displayed and controlled, such as security and medical imaging systems.

    The output of the rendering system or source PC is captured by the EMS XtremeRGB capture card and displayed as a single window.The application Split Screen function is used to divide an active RGB/DVI window into sub-windows.  A maximum number of 16 sub-windows can be created.


    Each sub-window will display a cropped portion of the captured source.  When split, t
    he sub-windows will all be the same size and occupy the same total screen size as the window being split.



    The sub-windows can then be re-sized and cropped using the application Windows Properties sheet. 
    Each sub-window can be positioned anywhere on the display wall. Ideal for use in CCTV and Security control rooms, .




  • Here you can download our Datasheets, Manuals, Application and Drivers 




    VigiControl Datasheet
    Please download the datasheet for further information. 

    user manual


    VigiControl User Manual



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