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Xtreme4vs, Stand-Alone Controller The EMS Xtreme4vs is a 4-screen stand alone display wall controller that accepts a single-link 1920x.. Product #: xtreme4vs Regular price: $895.00 $895.00 In Stock

Xtreme4vs, Stand-Alone Controller

Product Code: xtreme4vs
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Price: 895.00 GBP

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Xtreme4vs: Revolutionize Your Video Wall Display


The EMS Xtreme4vs is the solution for your video wall display needs. It can accept a single HDMI or DVI-D or dual link DVI inputs and has the flexibility to bring four output monitor displays. Outputs can either be analog or digital and resulting images can be cropped portions of the original image. The EMS Xtreme4vs also allows you to choose portrait or landscape representation of the cropped images, with freedom to rotate them in three angles (90o, 180o, and 270o). In short, this video wall controller will allow you to creatively display images for different needs to support your entertainment, gaming, or presentation requirements.




Crop the input signal into x4 and display x2 quarters landscape and x2 quarters portrait. Crop the input signal x4 rotate through 90º,180º or 270º, display in landscape and portrait.


Features of the Xtreme4vs

  • Flexible input sources – The Xtreme4vs accepts a variety of input sources, giving the user the freedom to use many of his already available media tools with no need to purchase an extra device. It can accept single link sources (DVI-D or HDMI) of up to 1920x1080 and dual link sources (DVI) of up to 4096x4096.
  • Multiple Displays – Instead of relaying the input image to one single screen, you can split it to four monitors (or less). You can even choose how they are displayed, whether it is a mirror image of the original or portions of it. You can put together several portrait or landscape displays of cropped images or combinations of it for a touch of creativity. Therefore, even if your output monitors are not of rectangular screen arrangements, you can still display the image as is in a mix of orientations.
  • Automatic conversion – There is no need to worry if your output frame rate is not related to the input’s rate as the hardware takes care of the frame rate conversion for each individual output monitor.
  • Width and height correction – Your original image can be transferred to multiple large screens of different sizes and orientations and still create the illusion of a single image. 
  • Flexible output options – You can connect this wall display controller to LCDs, DLPs, wall cubes, or projectors. Outputs can also be either analog or digital.
  • Configurable – Easily edit your input and output images by hooking up this controller to a PC through a USB connection. Once configured, the hardware will be able to automatically adjust input images to desired output resolutions based on settings.