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Magewell XI104XUSB Magewell 1x HD and Quad A/V video capture The age of USB 3.0 interface. Simultaneously capture 1x H.. Product #: Magewelll XI104xusb Regular price: $482.00 $482.00 In Stock

Magewell XI104XUSB

Product Code: Magewelll XI104xusb
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Price: 482.00 GBP

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The Age of USB 3.0 Interface Has Come as EMS Releases the XI104XUSB

The Magewell XI104XUSB, a multi-channel high-resolution USB 3.0 interface image capturing unit. Capture 1x DVI 1920x1200x24 bit or VGA 2048x1536 AND 4x Composite PAL/NTSC 768x576, expect unparalleled access to video and images straight to your desktop computer or Laptop through this innovation in video and image processing device.

USB-interface capture cards in the market now have one major flaw– they can only capture SD signals. With this new device from EMS with a USB 3.0 interface, not only do you get access to capture various signals and sources, you are also assured of high-speed transmission, a feature that USB 3.0 has over the USB 2.0.

Easy-to-carry device, you can capture high-quality uncompressed 1080HD video. The VC104XUSB can connect to USB 3.0 interface which is switched by the PCI Express interface in the notebook, and also the VC104XUSB can connect to USB 2.0 interface with lower performance.

USB 3.0 HD Capture. USB3 HD SD capture. With the FFI-104XUSB, you can capture SD or HD videos signals. You can connect it to HD digital signal devices, like DVI, HDMI, or you can connect it to HD analog signal devices, like VGA or component signals
Capture 1x HD signal and Quad SD signals simultaneously