• Last update: 31 July 2018
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  • Version: V_8.0.4
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  • Author: EMSimaging

VigiControl displays the desktop of the Video Wall Server that is being controlled. It enables you to launch and organize your PC application windows across a network on another machine or locally on the same machine and also remotely display video content from our range of XtremeRGB video capture cards.

You can use VigiControl to interactively move, size and position application windows, and control XtremeRGB windows by using the Windows Properties sheet. VigiControl also has a guide and grid function to aid the positioning of windows. VigiControl allows you to save specific wall layouts as .lay files enabling them to be re-called when required.

Multiple video wall layouts can be saved onto your desktop as short-cuts and re-called or scheduled using Windows scheduler.

This software requires the XtremeVision or the XtremeVision-Pro PCIe cards and optionally any of the XtremeRGB video capture cards.