USB Capture Utility V3 (Linux-CentOS)

  • Last update: 28 September 2017
  • File size: 13.12 MB
  • Version: V, 2017/9/28
  • Downloaded: 748
1. Add support to USB Capture AIO, USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus and USB Capture SDI 4K Plus.
2. Change UI of some tabs.
3. Change the volume control slider.
4. Fix the error in resetting by pressing “Default” button for EDID editing function.
5. Change the input method for resolution customization in the “Advanced Settings” tab. 
6. Users can click on "MAGEWELL" logo on the top menu and drag it to move the Utility window. 
7. Add support to controlling by the keyboard.
8. If the Utility is running, trying to launch it again will show the Utility window.
9. Changes in names of some tabs.
10. Changes in the icons for MsgBox Info/Warning/Error/Succeed.
11. Changes in UI for firmware update.
12. Changes in layout of the Html page for device diagnose report. 
13. If the volume level is changed in Utility, the system volume will synchronize with it.  
14. Support to correctly display of the Utility window on 4K screens.