VigiControl10 - User Guide

  • Last update: 19 October 2018
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VigiControl is a software application for controlling XtremeRGB, XtremeDV, IP-Camera and third-party application windows on EMS wall controller machines. It provides a graphical representation of the data wall and a toolbar through which to manipulate all available sources and applications. VigiControl can be used to interactively open, move, size and position any window on either the local machine or a remote network client machine.

System requirement:
At least 1x XtremeVision-Pro wall controller 
Any amount of XtremeRGB or XtremeDV video capture cards.

VigiControl also has the following qualities:

  • Control of XtremeRGB, XtremeDV windows
  • Control of standard Windows® application programs
  • Can be operated remotely on any PC via a network connection
  • Screen ordering utility
  • Mosaic configuration utility
  • Save and re-call layout templates
  • Supports Creston controllers
  • Command line interface for customer applications
  • EMS VigiControl video wall software is now available in the following languages - English (UK & USA), French, Spanish, German, Polish, Putonghua, Russian and Japanese